Meet Everlane’s New Shoe: The Modern Oxford That We’re Already Obsessed with

Everlane is in the business of making the world a better place, and it’s doing that with its “radical transparency,” an admirable mission statement that sheds light on the true cost of making a garment. No obscene mark-ups, no terrible unethical practices, no complacency. It’s a complete retail reboot. And the fact that Everlane delivers high-quality, modern-day takes on simple basics that are…


From Runway to Rihanna’s Way: See How the Star Puts Her Spin on Fashion’s Trickiest Looks

Rihanna—what can’t the woman pull off? Her sartorial power is so great, so unapologetic in its outrageousness, she can make being nearly nude (you know, except for a mesh encasing made of something like 200,000-plus Swarovski crystals) the most glamorous look ever. So when you factor in actual clothing, you know to expect the wildly unexpected.  A leather jacket isn’t just a leather…